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All my best presets of 2017 year in the huge bundle.



Great bundle with all the Preset packs for Lightroom, created in 2017.

71 unique preset that will make your handling better.

City streets, portraits in a interior and street portraits. Winter and summer, rain, snow or sun.

This set will help you to process images created in any conditions.

Each preset requires only small adjustments of exposure and white balance, depending on the settings of your camera.

How to buy?

You make a payment via PayPal and wait for sending package. Sending takes to 8 hours (Moscow time zone). If you don't get presets, please, just contact me:

$ 350.00

Как оплатить в рублях?

Отправьте мне письмо на почту с пометкой "Покупка Bundle'17" и я вышлю вам ссылку для оплаты этого набора с актуальной стоимостью в рублях (стоимость зависит от курса доллара).

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