24 August 2019

1. General provisions

1.1. FE "Bychkovsky Denis Igorevich" hereinafter referred to as the "Seller" publishes the Public Offer for the sale of goods according to the samples presented on the official web-site of the Seller

1.2 In accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Civil Code of the Russian Federation), this document is a public offer, and if the following conditions are accepted, the individual who accepts this offer, shall pay for the Goods of the Seller in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, payment for the Goods by the Buyer is the acceptance of the offer, which is considered equivalent to the conclusion of the Agreement on the terms set forth in the offer.

1.3 Based on the above, carefully read the text of the public offer, and if you do not agree with any point of the offer, you are invited to refuse to buy the Goods or use the Services provided by the Seller.

1.4 Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the following meanings in this offer: - Offer" - a public offer of the Seller, addressed to any individual (citizen), to conclude a contract of sale (hereinafter - the "Agreement") under the existing conditions contained in the Agreement, including all its annexes. - Buyer" means a natural person who has concluded the Agreement with the Seller on the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement. - Acceptance" means full and unconditional acceptance by the Buyer of the terms and conditions of the Agreement. - Goods" means a list of assortment items presented on the official website. - Order" - separate items from the assortment list of Goods specified by the Buyer when placing an order on the website or through the Operator.  - Delivery" - courier services for the delivery of the Order.

2. Subject matter of the contract

2.1 The Seller sells the Goods in accordance with the valid price list published on the Seller's website "", and the Buyer shall pay for and accept the Goods in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2.2 This Agreement and its annexes are official documents of the Seller and an integral part of the offer.

3. Ordering

3.1 The Goods shall be ordered by the Buyer through the website

3.2 When registering on the Seller's website, the Buyer undertakes to provide the following registration information about himself:: - name - actual delivery address; - e-mail address; - contact phone number (mobile, landline).

3.3 When placing the Order through the Operator, the Buyer undertakes to provide the information specified in clause 3.2. of this Agreement. The Buyer's acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be carried out by entering the relevant data in the registration form on the website or when placing the Order through the Operator. The Buyer has the right to edit the registration information about himself/herself. The Operator shall not change or edit the Buyer's registration information without the Buyer's consent. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Buyer's data specified during the registration on the website and when placing the Order to persons who are not related to the execution of the Order. Having approved the Order of the selected Goods, the Buyer shall provide the Operator with the necessary information in accordance with the procedure specified in clause 3.2. of this Agreement.

3.4 The Seller and the Operator are not responsible for the content and reliability of the information provided by the Buyer when placing the Order.

3.5 The Buyer is responsible for the reliability of the information provided when placing the Order.

3.6 Payment by the Buyer for the Order, which has been placed independently on the website, means that the Buyer agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The date of payment of the Order is the date of conclusion of the Sale and Purchase Agreement between the Seller and the Buyer.

3.7 All information materials presented on the website are of a reference nature and may not fully transmit reliable information about certain properties and characteristics of the Goods. If the Buyer has any questions concerning the properties and characteristics of the Goods, he should consult the Operator before placing the Order.

4. Order execution time

4.1 At the time of placing the order and after payment of the full price, the Buyer will receive a link to the download of the material, which is available for a limited period of time, to the specified e-mail address.

4.2 The order is deemed to have been delivered at the time it is handed over to the Buyer.

4.3 The Seller shall not be held liable for any improper performance of the Order if the Buyer provides false information about his contact details.

4.4 In case of improper execution of the Order delivery through the fault of the Seller, the repeated delivery of the Order is free of charge.

5. Payment for the Order

5.1 Payment for the executed Order shall be made by transfer of the Buyer's funds to the Seller's current account through the payment form.

5.2 Prices for any Goods items specified on the website "" may be changed by the Seller unilaterally without notice to the Buyer. In case of change in the price of the ordered Goods' items, the Operator undertakes to inform the Buyer of such change as soon as possible. The Buyer is entitled to confirm or cancel the Order. In case of lack of communication with the Buyer, the Order shall be deemed cancelled within 14 calendar days from the moment of registration.

5.3.Cash funds are accepted by non-cash payment


6.  Return Order

6.1 As a result of the international scope and nature of our business, all sales are final and no refunds, exchanges or rebates are permitted under any circumstances, subject only to the specific conditions set out below.

6.2 We will only replace goods if they are defective or damaged upon receipt by the customer; provided, however, that (1) downloadable or other digital products online (including, without limitation, our presets, hashtags and narrative messages of your photographs) are non-refundable, and (2) With respect to other products, the determination of whether the goods are defective or damaged is at our sole discretion. If you would like us to consider replacing an item that you believe was defective or damaged at the time of receipt, please send it to: Denis Igorevich Bychkovsky IP, 141018, Mytischi, Novomytishchinskiy pr. 86, Moscow region (Russian Federation). Once your goods have been received and checked, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned goods and whether we have determined, at our sole discretion, that the goods have been defective or damaged when they were received by the customer. If we determine that the item was so defective or damaged, we will issue a refund to you and the credit will automatically apply to your credit card or original payment method within 30 days of our determination.

6.3.If you have not received a refund that has been issued in accordance with the immediately preceding paragraph and then contact your company credit card; this may take some time before your refund is officially published.

Then contact your bank. Often there is some processing time before the return is placed. If you have already done all of the above and have not yet received your refund, please contact us at

6.4 In order to return a product that was faulty or damaged when you received it, you need to send it to the following address: Denis Bychkovsky IP, 141018, Mytischi, Novomytischinsky pr. 86, Moscow region (Russian Federation). You will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs to return your goods (whether or not we determine, in our sole discretion, that the goods were defective or damaged when they were received by the customer). If you ship for $75, you should consider using a tracked delivery service or buying delivery insurance. We do not guarantee that we will receive your returned goods.

6.5 If the Buyer returns the Goods of appropriate quality, a consignment note or a Return Merchandise Certificate will be drawn up which specifies the return of the Goods:

the Seller's full company name;
Buyer's name, surname, patronymic and passport data;
name of the Goods;
the reason for the return of the Goods;
date of transfer of the Goods;
the amount to be returned;
signatures of the Seller and the Buyer.


If you wish to contact us by email, please use We cannot guarantee that we will respond to every email we receive, but we will try to do so.

7. Copyrights

7.1 All text and graphics on the website are the property of the Seller and/or its suppliers and manufacturers of the Goods.

8. Rights, duties and responsibilities

8.1 The Seller is not responsible for improper use of the goods by the Buyer ordered on the website.

8.2 The Seller has the right to transfer its rights and obligations in the execution of the Orders to third parties.

8.3 The Seller has the right to record telephone conversations with the Buyer. In accordance with Clause 4 of Article 16 of the Federal Law on Information, Information Technology and Data Protection, the Seller is obliged to: prevent unauthorized access to information and / or its transfer to persons who are not directly related to the execution of the Orders; timely detect and prevent such facts. Telephone conversations are recorded in order to control the Operator's activities and the quality of the Order execution.

8.4 Title to the Order, as well as the risk of its accidental death or damage shall pass to the Buyer from the moment of transfer of funds to the Delivery employee.

8.5 The Buyer has the right to send all claims for improper execution of the order to the e-mail address specified on the website http:/ in the contacts section.

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